Claim and loss adjustment

Aviation accident and incident investigation, and expert valuation

Our team of experts cover large airplanes, helicopters, general aviation and infrastructures. We work with the main specialized insurers and lawyers firms in Spain, UK and rest of Europe.

In terms of damage, our expert valuation includes, besides the material damage, the performing of a deep analysis of every consequential loss derived of the incident. We have extended experience in:

Independent aircraft advice

In an industry where having expenditure items to be minimized is more interesting than in any other, AGS brings experience with maximum efficiency and a realistic view of the situation to give you exactly the solution you need to optimize your investment.
Count on the advice of AGS and compare the outcomes, whatever be your requirements: on Aircraft sales, acquisition or rent, charter management and leasing, our experience allows us to provide a level of service in keeping with the highest standards of business and professionalism. Just some situations where you need us:

  • Comparing aircraft characteristics and performance
  • Knowing a detailed Operating Cost for a specific aircraft
  • Getting a market appraisal of your aircraft
  • Identifying the available aircraft on a worldwide basis, and advice on which aircraft to avoid due to questionable maintenance or other factors
  • Preparing a purchase agreement, the closing documents and procedures for aircraft certification, importation and registration
  • Evaluating options on how handle training of flight crew and ground staff

Relating to aircraft and their operation

Continuing Airworthiness management

We provide you with the post-holders or do the work

We are able to manage the continuing airworthiness of a wide range of aircraft, whether commercial or business aviation, sports or aerial work, and both plane and helicopter. Entrust your fleet or outsource part of the functions of your CAMO, so optimizing the structural costs of your organization.

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Airworthiness Review

ARC and first issue for imported aircrafts

We have Airworthiness Review Staff approved for the types of most widely used helicopter, and for the most common types of aircraft in business and commercial aviation. Keep your fleet in flight, planning the renewal of their Certificates of Airworthiness, and ensuring the scheduling of revisions as you are available.

EASA and NAA approvals

We are experienced in the approval process under the air regulations in force in Europe. We develop the required documentation and procedures, and transact the rest of the requirements, obtaining turnkey approval for your company as:
AOC (EU-OPS 1 or JAR-OPS 3), CAMO / CAMO + (Part M), AMO (Part 145), MTO (Part 147), FTO/TRTO, DOA/POA Part 21, other certifications (by organizations such as IATA, ISO...), etc.

Quality and audit

AGS has professionals qualified and approved by the Authority as Quality Manager and audit staff of all mentionned organizations. Optimize your resources, well outsourcing these post-holders or well with the mandatory provision of an external audit function of the Quality system, and even the implementation of an acdequate Program Quality Assurance, in excellent conditions and effectively guaranteed.

Capacities on R&D&I

AGS participates in recognized projects of R&D&I in the field of aviation, collaborating on the development and certification of flight and maintenance simulators, as well as aircraft modifications. Also, we are experienced in the elaboration of SB and STC documentation, and developing Engineering Bulletins for minor changes.

Aviation infrastructure and navigation aids

Our Infrastructure Department takes advantage of our synergies for their projects

Considering all the legal and customer requirements, and improving every project under the final users point of view, AGS performs the project and construction of hangars, the planning, design and construction of airfields and heliports, advice on navigation aids and assistance and studies on aeronautical easements. And can get legalization for formerly constructed helipads.