Our aims

Efficient solutions for a safer aviation

The evolution of the international aeronautics sector and the rethinking required in Europe by the application of the EASA regulations, have imposed a demanding course of action to which not all companies have the capacity to respond on their own.

We contribute to make safer the aviation in an operative way, helping the industry to meet the requirements with the least possible impact on their business.

Specialized in anticipate the need

The price of facing a need when it becomes clear is always too high

The long experience of our team in all areas of aeronautics, lets us know firsthand that even large companies lack the capacity or resources to adapt to the changes come from outside or strategic decisions emanating from within.

We customize our support to your particular situation, providing the just solution and becoming an authentic strengthening for your organization.

Know you may have needs that have never seen as such, probably due to fear of excessive costs. But now you count on AGS, forget this preconceptions.

  • Let us know your case
  • Hear our proposal
  • Let us branch out your business

...and feel the benefits.

Specific and long-term agreements

The advantage of deciding between a specific collaboration and a long-term agreement

Ask our advice to take the right decision, we will explain why an option is best for you than another

The first impression may not be the most appropriate. Always thinking about your interest, we focus on the solution you need and evaluate whether it is better for your organization a one-off collaboration, only to achieve a particular goal, or a longer agreement counting on AGS as continuous advisor and technical support for your business. With all the advantages in both cases, but with much more performance for your business, minimizing the structural cost which would have to undertake the work with own resources.
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An innovative management model

Our extensive experience prior to start-up of AGS allowed us to acquire a priceless know-how, but not only in the technical issue of the work we did in the different areas we worked. Along that time, we saw how many companies with good teams that worked correctly and went on with projects or the company operation, collapsed due to a wrong business plan and an obsolete management model.

A highly regulated sector such as aeronautics, so changing itself, and in a world so fast as the current force to change the classical structure of the companies for versatility, flexibility and agility, but without sacrificing rigor or effectiveness.
In this way, AGS ensures always realist fares, even sensitive with every particular situation, keeping the reference position that distinguishes our work and because of what we earn the trust of our clients.

Helping big and small operators
to comply with
new regulations,
making their operation safer

Our beginnings

At early XXIst century

Hand in hand with the new era of aeronautics and knowing the reality of day to day of the industry, AGS arises from the natural evolution of the initiative and the know-how of a team of aviation professionals in their main branches, with a high level of qualification and experience in key areas: air operation, maintenance, design and modification of aircraft, navigation aids, traffic management, infrastructure, risk management and specialized training.